Binding Services

Binding prices are determined by linear inch… (width x 2) + (length x 2) then multiplied by service charge.

For example: if you choose to have your binding attached to the front of your quilt @ 8 cents/linear inch and your quilt top measures W 65″ x L 85″ :  (65 x 2) + (85 x 2) = 300″ x 0.08= $24 to have binding attached.                                                                  

Binding options include:

  1. Attach to front of quilt, binding prepared by you = 8 cents per linear inch.
  2. Attach to the back of your quilt, binding prepared by CBQ, and machine stitched to the front = 20 cents per linear inch.
  3. Attach to front of quilt and CBQ prepares binding  = 12 cents per linear inch.
*All options require binding fabric to be provided by the customer.

Complimentary Trimming of completed Quilt

I offer complimentary trimming of the extra batting and backing fabric trimmed from your finished quilt free of charge.

I offer this service out of convenience for you. Whether I have attached the binding for you or you to choose to do so, having your quilt trimmed is good prep for the next step to finishing your quilt .

Extra Services

These services include:

  • Piece backing fabric @ $15 per seam
  • Press seams @ $20 per hour (w/ minimum 1/2 hour).
  • Fix quilt top/open seams @ $20/hour (w/ minimum 1/2 hour).