Binding Services

Binding prices are determined by linear inch… (width x 2) + (length x 2) then multiplied by service charge.

For example: if you choose to have your binding attached to the front of your quilt @ 8 cents/linear inch and your quilt top measures W 65″ x L 85″ :  (65 x 2) + (85 x 2) = 300″ x 0.08= $24 to have binding attached.                                                                  

Binding options include:

  1. Attach to front of quilt, binding prepared by customer = 8 cents per linear inch.
  2. Attach to front of quilt, binding prepared by customer, and machine stitch to back = 20 cents per linear inch.
  3. Attach to front of quilt and I prepare binding for customer = 12 cents per linear inch.
*All options require binding fabric to be provided by the customer.

Complimentary Trimming of completed Quilt

You can choose to have me trim the excess of your finished quilt free of charge.

I offer this service out of convenience for you. Whether I have attached the binding for you or you to choose to do so, having your quilt trimmed is good prep for the next step to finishing your quilt .

Extra Services

These services include:

  • Piece backing fabric @ $15 per seam
  • Press seams @ $25 per hour.